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When Covid-19 swept the world by storm, Mother Tongue joined forces with a global vaccine manufacturer to help communicate critical information to the masses. 

The organization rapidly gained recognition for its life-saving vaccine, but lacked an in-country presence in markets where it wished to expand. As their localization partner, Mother Tongue worked to fill this gap. 

Mother Tongue guided the company throughout its expansion into new territories, providing cultural assessment of campaign concepts to help build brand integrity and ensure maximum uptake in target markets. The organization calls upon Mother Tongue for a wide range of language solutions – from local market insight, copy origination, and transcreation, to subtitling, voiceover, and production services.

From three of our specialist language hubs, we coordinate with over 50 client-side stakeholders around the globe, offering a always-on, one-stop-shop solution for all of their localization needs.

Mother Tongue has a valuable capability being able to take global content and produce versions that can be used in many countries, cultures and languages.”

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