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Since 2020, Mother Tongue has been the powerhouse behind product translation for a global, Gen Z fashion brand, who launch more than 4,000 new products every single week to consumers worldwide. 

Our task is to get these products to market in a minimum amount of time, through high-speed localization that consistently captures the brand’s fresh, youthful, and confident tone of voice.

Alongside product content, Mother Tongue supports the brand with the transcreation of various marketing materials, including newsletters, banners and push notifications. We also deploy a team of market-based, specialized strategists for consultation on local trends and culture in each of the 11 markets they operate in.

All content is briefed, localized and delivered within the client’s own technical environment, with just three project managers overseeing the account from the Mother Tongue side. Since our appointment, we have been involved in a number of large-scale initiatives. These include the migration to an entirely new CMS, and the acquisition of several major labels now being sold exclusively by the brand.

“Mother Tongue continue to work in partnership and provide a quality service. They are flexible, support us when we need it most, and deliver a great standard of work.”

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