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In March 2022, Mother Tongue helped a global electronics brand with interpreting, live moderation and transcreation for a live escape room event.

In partnership with their creative agency, the brand set up a filming location in an East London house, where Gen Z influencers from Italy, Czechia and the Netherlands completed puzzles involving the brand’s products, such as a hoover, a phone, a projector and a smartwatch.

The three events were live-streamed on YouTube, and fans online helped the influencers solve the puzzles via a live chat, which was displayed on set.

We provided an end-to-end localization solution, transcreating the puzzles to Italian, Czech and Dutch and providing interpreters for each language to facilitate communication between the influencers and the English film crew, who were connected via earpiece.

As part of our language support, we also provided live moderation of the three YouTube chats, with our native Italian, Czech and Dutch moderators closely monitoring hundreds of messages and filtering out inappropriate comments before they would be shown live. Multilingual events needn't be a puzzle!

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