Embracing the Voice Evolution

As the latest evolution in user interface (UI), and with a growth rate more rapid than any previous technology — voice speaks volumes. And in the age of today, it has emerged as the most natural and convenient way for us to interact with our most-used devices. Voice assistants are now commonplace in countless households around the globe, and voice features are now readily available for a vast range of applications. There is also talk of a worldwide voice web (WWvW) in the not-so-distant future. With such ground-breaking growth, the impacts and implications of voice technology are surely being felt far beyond the boundaries of our individual worlds.

The Speed of Sound

Voice is three times faster than typing. And that’s changing the how, when and where of the brand-user interaction, everywhere we look. Thanks to voice, interactions can now be voice only, voice first, or multimodal. This opens up several new and diverse ways of communicating, and allows us to integrate voice into our everyday lives, as if it were second nature. Due to its shape shifting qualities, voice fits seamlessly into a digitally dominant world — aiding users in their efforts to streamline their busy schedules. Nor is voice restricted to a particular setting or scenario. Its fluid form means voice interactions can take place anywhere — blurring the boundaries between public and private spaces more so than any other UI.

Inclusive Interaction

Voice aims to enhance and enable — transforming mundane tasks into interactions that award users with a sense of connection, even if it is not strictly human to human. And just as voice opens up our physical spaces, it too makes room for a more inclusive audience. For many currently underserved groups, such as people with disabilities, the elderly, and children, it will be the first online digital experience. Research also tells us that the medium of voice is popular amongst all age ranges, and across cultures too — positioning itself as a unique bridge for broader connection.  

Finding Your Voice

With voice swiftly entering the mainstream, the challenge now faced by marketeers worldwide is to align how their brand looks, with how it sounds. And after decades of focus on the visual aspects of branding, there is some thinking to be done to effectively convey brand identity purely via the medium of sound. One highly effective strategy is sonic branding — whereby you create a unique, distinctive sound for your brand that is instantly recognizable. Or take it a step further and create a voice persona for your brand, which can embody all the characteristics and behaviours that make up your brand personality. 

There are several avenues to explore when it comes to crafting your signature sound. And it’s essential to consider how your voice will be perceived by users all around the world. Ready to start the conversation? Get in touch to discuss how you can bring your brand voice to life.

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