Mother Tongue's DE&I Manifesto

At Mother Tongue, we help our clients tell stories. But we each have our own story to tell, too.

We believe it's this rich tapestry of human experience that makes Mother Tongue the place it is. We strive to always celebrate our differences, and know that our most beautiful ideas are brought to life when we're able to be our truest selves.

This internal guide outlines what we stand for as a Mother Tongue collective. Together, we commit to fostering an environment that upholds these principles, ensuring that every team member feels valued, respected, and empowered.

We create a work setting that reflects the multicultural makeup of our staff and the societies we operate in. We acknowledge the importance of different viewpoints and cultural sensitivities in the work we do and value input from all team members. 

We encourage open conversation at all levels throughout our organization and we are dedicated to promoting equity in all aspects of our operations, where everyone has the opportunity to thrive and be heard. 

We have zero tolerance for any form of discrimination within the company and stand against any form of prejudice and will promptly and effectively address any issues raised.

We are committed to creating an accessible workplace, both physically and digitally, alongside providing reasonable adjustments and support. And we engage with and support initiatives that promote social justice, fairness, and sustainability, encouraging employees to participate in community efforts that align with our values.

And most importantly, we acknowledge that building a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment requires ongoing education and awareness. We promote open-mindedness, curiosity, and self-reflection, recognizing that learning is a continuous journey. And are committed to providing opportunities in training and development that promote cultural competency, allyship, and greater awareness of unconscious bias. 

By adhering to these DE&I principles, we understand that our collective success is directly tied to the diversity of our perspectives, and we embrace the strength that lies in our differences. 

Only together can we build a company culture that champions DE&I, and its positive impact on our employees, clients, and the communities we connect with across the globe. 

Only together, can we make a world of difference.


Mother Tongue DE&I Committee & Leadership Team

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