Multilingual & International SEO

Mother Tongue understands the impact of languages and culture on multilingual and international search engine optimisation (SEO) for global brands. Search engines are getting better at localising and understanding the impact of context. Straight translation is not the answer on its own. It's just a start – you need to take a step back and consider what search terms someone local would use and then go for the long tail using an international extension of the checklist used in English language SEO.

Mother Tongue has a unique approach to international and multilingual SEO – we have an international network of market-based copywriters all over the world. These copywriters will adapt and develop culturally relevant keywords and then incorporate them into web copy, thereby putting the keywords in the all-important context of content that is culturally relevant and engagingly written. This technique provides an insight into local search terms which is not available through standard translation.

An example of how International and Multilingual SEO can go wrong in translation 

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