XTM is the leading web 2.0 complete translation environment and works with many different kinds of file formats. It is a cloud-based online translation tool that allows us to handle large, complex documents in many different languages. XTM has a built-in translation memory function as well as a glossary function which “learns” specific brand language. It automatically flags up repeated terms, fuzzy matches and glossary terms, ensuring that correct terminology is always used consistently, glossaries are adhered to and new terms are automatically added to the translation memory bank.


Mother Tongue’s Content-Connect is an out-of-the-box solution for automating translation of web content between the client's CMS, and our translation-management system (XTM). Content-Connect automatically tracks updates and amends to web content, right down to sentence level. It sends this new or updated content to translation teams using XTM, our translation-management tool. Once the copy has been translated and checked, it is automatically pushed back into the client’s CMS to be processed as wished. Click here to find out more.