Transcreation means adapting a communication from one language into another, maintaining the style, tone and message while changing any cultural references to suit the target market. Successfully transcreated copy reads like it was originally written in the target language and never sounds “translated”.

Mother Tongue is a specialist agency for creative translation/transcreation. Using our network of over 400 of the very best copywriters around the world, we creatively translate in a culturally sensitive way.

Our transcreations reflect not just the content of the original, but also the freshness, emotion and cultural appeal.

We’ve even written a book on the subject – The Little Book of Transcreation is bursting with all kinds of thought-provoking insights into the creative translation process, containing examples of successfully transcreated campaigns, embarrassing blunders, cultural faux pas and pitfalls to look out for, interesting quotes, tips and tricks and everything in between.

Here’s what one reviewer thought of it: “No matter how ‘cool’ and creative your campaign or program might be, without taking into consideration the market’s language, culture and the brand’s positioning, you can harm not only your campaign but an overall brand, too". Click here to read the full review.

You can download your FREE PDF copy here, or why not purchase the printed version in its full glory from Amazon for around £3? It’s a perfect present or stocking filler for the copywriter or designer in your life!