Marketing translation

Translating your marketing materials should be given just as much care and attention as when you write your important English sales messages. A weak translation will always reduce the chance of making a sale. And in websites, there is the added danger that the translated site will not be properly optimized, and so will not be ranked highly in search results. If copy is intended to sell your product or service, or to enhance the reputation and image of your brand, then it is worth spending a little extra effort to get it right.

Our unique marketing translation has been created with this in mind. It involves a first draft by an experienced market-based translator, and subsequent editing by an agency-experienced copywriter.

Our translators ensure that the foreign-language text is faithful to the English and technically correct. However, translation alone often reads unnaturally. Our copywriters will rectify this; because they do not have to spend time thinking too much about the technical aspects of the copy, they are free to concentrate on improving style and readability, and ensuring cultural relevance. The end result is convincing copy that engages the reader, and that sounds like it was written from scratch in the target market.