Katia was born and raised in San Salvador, El Salvador. She spent part of her childhood in the countryside where she joined her cousins on mischievous jungle adventures climbing trees, dodging hairy caterpillars, drinking fresh cow’s milk and eating green mangoes straight from the tree.

Aged 14, Katia left El Salvador at the time of the civil war and moved to the US to finish her high school education. Katia studied creative writing, Spanish Literature, French and Psychology, and has a degree from California State University in Los Angeles. Prior to joining Mother Tongue, Katia worked as an in-house Spanish translator, freelancer and project manager. She has also been an art teacher, managed an art gallery, and done various copywriting and copyediting jobs.

Likes: live music, art shows, pools, records, picnics, beach days, beer tastings

Dislikes: ripe mangoes, soggy fries, extreme weather conditions

Mother tongue: Spanish

Other languages: English, French (intermediate), Arabic (beginner)