Born in Korea, Anne was fascinated by books from a young age and always dreamt of being a writer. As a child, she received many prizes from different writing competitions. Curious by nature, she loves reading all different kinds of literature and discovering new and wonderful ideas.

Anne studied mass communication at Keimyung University. After graduating, she worked for a broadcasting company as a script writer, and later moved to a TV commercial company to work as a script writer and copywriter. In 2010, she decided to move to Singapore for new experiences and adventures. Here she worked in a marketing department for a few years while also studying for a diploma in psychology. She joined the Mother Tongue team in 2013.

Likes: learning, travelling, psychology, salsa, swimming, animals, and pretty much anything she doesn’t know about yet.

Dislikes: bugs, bugs, and bugs.

Mother tongue: Korean

Other languages: English, basic Japanese