Born in a rural town in Fujian (China), Weishan spent her entire childhood in a small fishing village where seafood was a staple part of the daily diet. She enjoyed trips to the beach every Sunday – not the kind of sandy beach you might imagine but a pebble beach where she could catch shellfish and loaches (a type of freshwater fish with barbels). She also loved to walk around her village bare-foot, which certainly saved a lot of money on shoes. 

She has always loved language and often argued with her Chinese teacher at secondary school over the meaning of certain words and phrases. Despite studying English at school, Weishan realised that her level was comparable to that of a primary school student at most when she first moved to Singapore. But she toiled away and after a year had successfully passed a GCSE equivalent in this subject.

Her first passion, however, was not languages and she studied unrelated subjects – a diploma in tourism and a degree in finance. Whilst studying, Weishan worked in various cafes and just fell in love with coffee and learning how to prepare it. And it was around this time that she had a lightbulb moment and decided that freelance translation was the path for her.

In her spare time Weishan loves to hand make earrings, pottery and other beautiful trinkets.

Like: art & crafts, human behaviour science, puzzles, riddles, animals 
Dislikes: cockroaches, cockroaches and cockroaches
Mother tongue: Chinese from China
Other languages: English, various Chinese dialects, currently learning Spanish, Japanese and French)