Born in London but raised in Hereford, Lydia has enjoyed the best of both worlds. From a young age, she relished the opportunity to take up new languages and studied a combination of French, German, Spanish, Latin, Russian and English literature at different points throughout her school days.

 In 2008, she decided to ditch the countryside and ventured up north to begin a BA in French and Spanish at the University of Manchester. The cherry on the cake of this four-year course was undoubtedly the year abroad: six amazing months in Paris followed by a further five in Malaga. Returning to London as a graduate, Lydia dabbled with various jobs in the charity sector before enrolling on an MA in specialized translation at the University of Westminster. It was during this time that Lydia first learnt about the wonderful world of transcreation, setting in motion the wheels for her subsequent job at Mother Tongue.

Likes: going to the cinema, coconut ice cream, being with my sisters, Campari

Dislikes: bad service, map reading

Mother tongue: English

Other languages: French, Spanish, basic Russian, rusty German and currently learning Japanese