Ferran was born into a very Catalan family – one of his ancestors is even a legendary Wagner operas singer, Tenor Viñas.

Not particularly gifted at music, however, Ferran developed his artistic flair by drinking tea at a time when all boys still had milk, having a pet owl and cutting gorgeous 70s ads out of magazines.

After studying translation and marketing in Barcelona and Manchester, he managed to break into the advertising scene at a time when agencies in Spain were rolling in it and stayed at the BBDO group long enough to grab some titles (creative assistant, copywriter, creative director, executive creative director), a few awards and, best of all, lots of friends.

And now as creative director at Mother Tongue in Spain, he gets to combine his two loves – advertising and languages.

Likes: cinema, old books, birds, red wine, the South of France, creativity theories and skipping stones

Dislikes: everything that involves lots of people, loud noise and closed spaces (never invite me to a concert!)

Mother tongue: Spanish and Catalan

Other languages: English and Wagner’s mother tongue (here’s to you, grand-grand-grand uncle!)