Sophie was born and raised in Dunkirk, a French city that most people think is either a) in Belgium or b) full of unhappy blue-collar workers. Her parents didn’t fit this profile however: they gave her and her brother a strong taste for travelling, as well as a certain curiosity for everything around them – except sports, finance and cars.

At the age of 18, Sophie went to Paris and studied translation for five years. Afterwards, she started to work in a nice advertising agency that specialized in the film industry. There, to her surprise, she discovered that some of the clichés about the film and advertising worlds were not that far from the truth, but nonetheless she enjoyed her experience in such an inspirational environment.

One year later, she decided she wanted to see what London could offer her, and thought it was the ideal place to try to get rid of her French accent. She knocked on Mother Tongue’s door a week after arriving, and started working there straight away.

Likes: Dunkirk’s people and carnival, photography, gigs and insane Sunday brunches with family involving fanatical debates about politics and ways of life.

Dislikes: hairy, noisy, sniffing animals (otherwise known as dogs), honey, Parisians who think beer is not for ladies and people who eat sweets and chat loudly during a film at the cinema.

Mother tongue: French

Other languages: fluent in English and Spanish, plus very basic knowledge of German and Arabic