Milena was born and brought up in Warsaw, Poland. In her early years, there was no sign that she would ever leave her beloved hometown and move to the unknown land of London. But several trips and a few befriended foreigners later, she developed a passion for languages and other cultures …

However, before she realized that languages were for her, she had done a variety of different courses ranging from marketing and management to Latin American studies. During this time, she was travelling here and there, and it was a two-month trip on the back of a motorbike somewhere along the back roads of Europe (7,000 miles – ouch!) that brought her temporarily – at least that’s what she thought back then – to London.

Several years and a few jobs later (the latest one involving slurping on delicious Japanese noodles), she joined the lovely Mother Tongue team as an intern, and decided to stay on permanently.

Likes: white chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate and hot chocolate

Dislikes: vodka (yes, really!)

Mother tongue: Polish

Other languages: English, Spanish (currently ‘polish-ing’ her skills) and Japanese (if knowing the entire menu in Japanese counts!)