Raquel was born in the southern Spanish city of Jerez de la Frontera, the birthplace of flamenco, famous for its wine (“sherry” is actually derived from “Jerez”), and capital of Andalusian horse culture.

Since she was little, she knew that languages were her passion and made sure her parents were aware of this by going to every possible language-related extracurricular activity – and flamenco classes, of course! At the same time, she enjoyed playing “the teacher” with her sister and cousins and spending long summer breaks by the beach.

Following her inner language geek, she studied Translation and Interpreting at the University of Granada, which gave her the opportunity to expand her knowledge and hang out with international students. She was granted an Erasmus year abroad in Portsmouth, which was her first taste of life in the UK. She had such a blast that she knew she was definitely coming back! And after completing her degree (and fed up with being asked, “What are you going to do next?”), she fled to Brussels to do an internship. This was also the perfect excuse to improve her Français!

With a job offer in the pipeline, she returned to sunny Spain to work as a teacher at a language academy. In the meantime, she also completed a Masters in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language. After she was awarded her MA, London came a-calling. Now, she is embracing London life and gets annoyed at people who walk too slowly or stop in the middle of the pavement (which is ironic, since she used to be one of them…).

Likes: sweets and chocolate, Zumba, travelling, large and loud family gatherings, watching El Clásico with a beer, chilling on a sandy beach, MotoGP, picking strawberries and eating them straight away

Dislikes: peas, grey and rainy days, spicy food

Mother tongue: Spanish

Other languages: English, French, beginner’s Arabic and she has just started teaching herself German