Mariya emanates from the “glorious nation of Kazakhstan” where she grew up under Communism, speaking Russian as her mother tongue. Her great country was liberated just as she was entering the University of Almaty (former capital city) to study Economics and Engineering. She never dreamt of leaving her beloved homeland until she holidayed in London – only to meet her future husband.

As a child, Mariya hated languages whilst always coming top of the class at maths. Mother Tongue is grateful that she changed her mind as an adult and now loves working with Russian as well as maths.

Likes: travelling – since coming to London, she has travelled all over the world. She loves seafood which she had never eaten in land-locked Kazakhstan. She also loves “giggling” which she does all the time!

Dislikes: meat – the beloved food of Kazakhstan, and people who misspell her name!

Mother tongue: Russian

Other languages: English