Michelle was born and raised in Hong Kong. And like other Hongkongers (or Hong Kongese?), she takes pride in speaking Cantonese. She started learning English when she was 3 years old and has since discovered the great power of being bilingual.

At the ripe old age of 17, she decided she wanted to see more of the world so she picked a college in the south of England for her A-levels. There, she started learning Spanish so that she could share secrets with her sister who was also studying Spanish at the time. During those two years, she discovered there was so much more to Britain than just fish and chips and realised she had fallen in love with the people and culture.
Michelle decided to move back to Hong Kong to embark on a university degree in Journalism and Spanish. After she graduated, she worked as a translator at a consulate and two years later, she decided to do a master's degree in Translation with the aim of becoming a professional translator.

With her heart set on getting back to the UK (and partly because she’d had enough of being elbowed on the Hong Kong metro), she took the plunge and decided to go and see what London could offer her. She started off working on freelance projects and joined Mother Tongue in 2018. Now she is happily soaking in the British culture once again.

Likes: dogs, movies, rugby, photography

Dislikes: noise, celery, tea with too much milk

Mother tongue: Cantonese (traditional Chinese)

Other languages: English, Mandarin, Spanish, some Japanese (mostly lines from TV series)