Floortje was born in a small village in the south of the Netherlands. From a very young age, she was obsessed with language, teaching herself a new difficult word every day and then using it in every single sentence. This obsession reached an all-time high in her teens, and at a certain point in high school she was studying 6 languages simultaneously: Dutch, English, German, French, Latin and Greek!

After high school, Floortje moved to her nation’s capital, Amsterdam, to study Dutch language and culture at uni. After finishing her BA, she decided to move to London. After almost a year, she feels like a proper Londoner, although she still has to rely completely on Google Maps to get anywhere. She still tries to teach herself a new difficult word every day, now in English!

Fun fact: ‘tje’ is actually used as a diminutive in Dutch, which means that Floortje’s name literally means ‘little Floor’. Perhaps this is why she never grew taller than 5 feet (or 5 feet and half an inch to be precise, since every half inch counts when you’re that short).

Likes: carbs (of any kind), diet coke, board games and gift wrapping

Dislikes: mornings, excessive use of air quotes and car air fresheners

Mother tongue: Dutch

Other languages: English and Flemish, plus basic level of French and German