Arianna was born in Urbania, a little town in the middle of nowhere, but always tells everyone that she is from Bologna, as no one has ever heard of the region where she is actually from (le Marche).

Her natural passion for foreign languages became quite obvious to her at an early age: aged just 7, she took part in a karaoke competition, singing “Candle in the Wind” by Elton John despite only knowing the first two lines.

Many years later, she began her BA in Foreign Languages, Arts and Culture. While studying, she also took on the role of a multi-tasking maestra, teaching Italian to foreign students and the Theory of Theatre in high schools. She then decided to continue her studies by taking a Master’s degree in Didactics of Foreign Languages.

After graduating, she won a scholarship for an internship at a London-based language recruitment agency in late 2013, and then finally joined the Mother Tongue team in October 2014.

Although she tragically still refuses to sample the British “delicacies” of marmite or porridge, she is slowly becoming a proper Londoner.

Likes: beaches, theatre, movies and Aperol spritz

Dislikes: bedbugs, the Central line

Mother tongue: Italian

Other languages: English, French, rusty German and some Spanish