Chantal was born and bred in Malaysia, did a degree in China, and now works in Singapore.

When she started her first job as a journalist is Malaysia, she was dealing with people who spoke Chinese, English, Malay and many other languages. She knew that she had a talent for languages and wanted to focus on something specific so she made her way to China and became the only foreign student in the whole class to study Chinese Language and Literature.

On weekdays, she uses Chinese and English translation in her full-time role at Mother Tongue, and on weekends, she is a volunteer interpreter who interprets Mandarin (Chinese) or Hokkien (a Chinese dialect) into Cantonese, another Chinese dialect which uses Chinese characters but is pronounced in a totally different way.

Likes: sleep (as the Chinese proverb goes, “Rest is preparation for a long run”)

Dislikes: nothing really

Mother tongue: Chinese and Cantonese

Other languages: English, Malay, Hokkien (a Chinese dialect)