Born in south London to South Korean parents, Seong-Ho grew up in Kingston-upon-Thames. He was fascinated by the power of words and language from an early age, cutting his teeth on Roald Dahl’s brilliantly subversive stories before going on to discover the dark delights of Kafka and Murakami in his teens.

When it came to choosing his degree, he decided to buck the East Asian trend and study German with English Lit (not Engineering or Maths), which turned out to be a great choice – he spent his year abroad in Berlin where he developed a high tolerance for minimal techno and an enduring love of German beer.

After graduating from university, he lost himself in the wilderness of the City for a while and translated food packaging for Lidl before coming to his senses and joining Mother Tongue, where he has now become a pillar of the table football community.

Likes: (un)necessary puns, most kinds of food

Dislikes: lamb (kebabs excepted, obviously), mussels and oysters

Mother tongue: English

Other languages: fluent German and Korean (and is currently learning Japanese so he can order sushi confidently in Japan one day)