Mirella was almost born in transit from Italy to England and very soon started speaking Italian as her first language. Her neighbours and best friends were French so she decided she wanted to be French and there began her lifelong love of the French language, culture and country.

It was a surprise to no one that she decided to study French and Italian at University. She landed a job at Saatchi and Saatchi after her degree and was lucky enough to travel and use her languages, working on international accounts. She helped found Mother Tongue in 1990, the same year she got married, and has spent the ensuing years working with her beloved languages and raising two gorgeous girls.

Likes: international cinema, world music, all kinds of art and literature, cycling, pilates, speaking to anyone in French or Italian and trying to speak Spanish (badly)!

Dislikes: mash potato and any bad food, people who don’t say thanks at zebra crossings, spinning, vicious dogs.

Mother tongue: English.

Other languages: French, Italian.