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Pole dancing

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Ever since the first series of the Polish TV show ‘Taniec z Gwiazdami’ (Dancing with the Stars) was broadcast back in 2005, the nation has gone dance-crazy. The popularity of the series has exceeded all expectations. Suddenly people of all ages are expressing a desire to learn ballroom dancing. Forgotten studios are filling with dancing wannabes, while a large number of new dance schools are also opening. Professional dancers have become stars in their own right, some of them moving on to do acting, singing and fashion designing. Every new series brings tougher competition and the contestants are taking the show more and more seriously, nearly matching their professional dance partners in terms of skill and expertise. Soap actors competing in the show are even using their new-found dance talent in the TV series which they appear in. This year the TVN channel is about to air its tenth edition of the show.

In addition, another popular show ‘You Can Dance’ (Polish version of ‘So You Think You Can Dance’) in 2007 generated a lot of interest in modern dance among young people. They have started to use dance as a form of teenage rebellion in many parts of Poland.

The shows and tremendous popularity of dance in general have prompted the creation of a new TV series called “Dancers” which is set in a dance studio.

Who knows how long this not-so-dirty dancing mania will last!

Magda from Poland