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Be careful what you promise

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Many of the companies that promised incredible money-back offers if Spain were to win the World Cup are not keeping to their word. After watching “La Roja” grab the golden cup, they were quick to add new conditions to their small print, and shirk their “If Spain wins, you win too” promises. Angry customers are now being told that they should have registered at the company website if they wanted to get their money back (something that was never mentioned in any of the newspapers, magazines ads or billboards that detailed the special offers in the first place).

The consumer outrage was initially voiced through the power of blogs and the Internet, but has now become “vox populi”. Even FACUA, Spain’s biggest consumer association, has taken the subject on board and set up a helpline for all those affected. The problem is that Spain’s national team has traditionally had a poor record in the World Cup, so advertising agencies and clients had thought it was safe to take a risk – only to find themselves in rather a sticky situation!

Ferran from Barcelona, Spain