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Social, network, business, smart, wellness, low-cost, benchmarking, digital, brand – these are the most popular English words in Italy from 2010. In fact, English words have taken the place of many less fashionable Italian terms. Since 2009, their occurence in written documents has gone up by 223 per cent. And, out of the 2,000 words that form the basis of the Italian vocabulary, four out of five are non-adapted English words.  Very often English is preferred in those fields where Italy is considered to be a bit technologically backward. Sometimes it is chosen, especially among young people, because it sounds more up to date and more fashionable. It is curious to notice that the less people know English, the more they’re likely to use English words and to mix up the two languages.

(From research by Agostini Associati)

Paola from Turin, Italy