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When local brands go global

BP, one of the largest global oil companies and darling of shareholders around the world has fallen from grace and, somewhere on the way down, it became British Petroleum again. Barack Obama pointed out the company’s provenance to make the oil spill in the Mexican golf less of a US problem (ultimately his problem) and more of a foreign company problem.

The reason why BP is not British anymore is that it is truly global. Similarly, when Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation grew beyond their native shores, they felt HSBC was more likely to attract customers than ‘Honkers and Shankers’ as they were endearingly known in Hong Kong.

In a similar vein, how many people would go on a booze cruise to France on a Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company ferry? (Although P&O does sound OK).

And how long will it take KFC to be disassociated with Kentucky?

It seems that starting off local works up to a point but when brands get global, they have to lose their local roots.

Guy from London, UK.