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Russian in Hollywood

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There’s one thing I’ll never understand. If you spend millions of dollars on a movie that will be shown worldwide, why not invest just 100 dollars to check if your “Russian” is really Russian? You don’t even need a professional translator – all you need is to ask any Russian.

In many blockbusters, “Russian” is often just a senseless mash of Cyrillic characters (probably because it’s not supposed to be Russian but just to look Russian). And sometimes the results are very comical. Let’s see some great examples …

This ship is called “foot finger’s head”

The Russian here does not say “Foma Kiniaev” (like the English). It actually says “LSHTSHFUM ASCHF”. It could be a senseless jumble of letters, but they decided just to type “Foma Kiniaev” on a standard PC keyboard after switching it to Russian layout. How bizarre that they thought this would work?

And here’s another famous face. In his motherland, Viktor Navorski is known as Gulnara Gulina, which is in fact a Tatar female name!

Get prepared for a terrible disaster! The “Fznamznon Cloud” is coming! (what on earth is that?)

This says “No smoukenk”. I guess they’re aiming for “No smoking”!

In the Russian embassy in this film, you should “phoosh” and “tugg” the doors.

And now let me show you perhaps the only word that has been written correctly:

This is Russia’s WORST swear word. Though it’s often written on walls and fences, it’s pretty shocking to have in a film like this!

Pavel, St Petersburg

Photos taken from this fabulous collection.