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Watch your step: The crazy paving that’s leaving holidaymakers all at sea

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A gentle stroll along the promenade of a sunny seaside town is supposed to be a pleasant, bracing affair. But council planners in Alicante, Spain have obviously decided the experience could do with a little livening up… installing these wacky, 3D effect paving stones throughout the town. Looking like a series of squashed Rubik’s Cubes and giving walkers the impression they are faced with a mountain of steps to climb, the ‘crazy paving’ has been met with a decidedly mixed reception.

Many locals, including numerous British ex-pats, have complained the slabs make them feel rather queasy, especially after a glass of wine or two. And in some extreme cases they’ve even caused holidaymakers to fall over and experience severe nausea as they amble back to their hotels from the beach. These pictures, taken by 46-year-old British ex-pat Rich Poolton, show just one stretch of the paving design that is now commonplace throughout the Spanish coastal resort. He said: ‘It’s not the only place in the area that it’s like this. It’s all over the place in Alicante.

‘After you’ve had a few drinks, it definitely affects you. It confuses the eyes enough when you’re sober. It can have quite a substantial effect on you. When you’ve been out it has, shall we say, a strong effect on your stomach.’ The paving is set out in rows of diamonds at 90 degrees to each other. The pattern – which is similar to an M.C. Esher painting – creates a 3D shape that is like a pyramid of stairs stretching out as far as the eye can see. Alicante has long been popular with British holidaymakers attracted to the all-year-round sunshine and sandy beaches.

By Daily Mail Reporter, 23/03/11

Crazy Paving in Alicante