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Cyber marriage is all the rage in China

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‘Cyber marriage’ is a term that refers to a type of online game in which a man and a wife have a wedding ceremony, live together, do housework, make money and have kids in a virtual cyberspace. If they end up not getting on with each other, they can get a divorce and find a new partner to marry!

Just one month after an IT company in Shanghai introduced the online ‘love apartment’ game, it had attracted one hundred thousand players. Most of them were women aged between 20 and 25. The youngest was only 16 years old.

Today, ‘cyber marriage’ has become an immensely popular game concept among Chinese youngsters, which is a cause for concern for many parents and social experts. According to some experts, their dependence on the game is triggered by a lack of emotional support, and could have a negative impact on their personalities.

Xiaojun from Shanghai, China