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Germany’s answer to Obama

The German elections are less than two months away, and in times like these, with a global economic crisis, increasing unemployment and swine flu, the public are really looking to politicians for answers. Until recently, however, people have been pretty unimpressed with what the potential candidates have had to say and have been rapidly losing interest. That is, until one man showed up and changed it all.

Horst Schlaemmer is a small town journalist who decided to run for election. He wants to become Bundeskanzler (head of the German federal government). Horst Schlaemmer is the alter ego of German comedian (yes, they do exist!) Hape Kerkeling who appeared successfully in an award-winning campaign for VW. His first press conference was broadcasted live on all major news channels:

And it looks like his campaign is unstoppable. According to latest polls, 18 per cent of the people think it’s actually for real and want to vote for him. Surely this should make the other candidates question their own approach …

Daniel from Hamburg, Germany