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Two countries divided by a common language

US sports channel Fox News recently caused a stir when it headlined an article on England striker Wayne Rooney’s proposed intention to leave current employers Manchester United with the words “Later, wankers.”

There was no suggestion in the article that this was a quote from Rooney himself. The subeditor seemed rather to be under the impression that this is a standard farewell in the UK, in the same way that an article about a player leaving Real Madrid might have been headlined “Adios, amigos.”

The ensuing hilarity in the blogosphere prompts two thoughts. Firstly, for many British bloggers, even the seemingly perfect tabloid soap opera – football, greed, hookers – is enhanced by the opportunity to sniff at the perceived ignorance of our American cousins. And secondly, even in the global world of today, George Bernard Shaw’s much-quoted remark that England and America are “two countries divided by a common language” remains as true as ever.

James from London, UK

Fox News' controversial headline