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61 languages are found on Twitter. Here’s how they rank in popularity.

As Twitter seeks to become a global town square, it’s not surprising that there are a multitude of languages on the service. Social media research firm Semiocast has compiled an infographic that highlights the most popular language used along with a breakdown of Tweets from around the world.

144_61 languages are found on Twitter_2

English tops as the number one language on the microblogging platform, with Japanese, Spanish, Malay, and Portuguese rounding out the top five, respectively.

Based on the firm’s research, the majority of activity on Twitter comes from the United States. In June 2013, 3.7 billion Tweets were sent from the country with Japan coming in second with 1.8 billion. However, in looking at the number of active Twitter users worldwide by quarter, in Q3 2013, the US had approximately 50 million active accounts compared to the remaining 182 million from around the world.

Via MIT’s Technology Review

Article taken from thenextweb.com on 12 December 2013

The Little Book of Transcreation – excerpt #12

A little local knowledge goes a long way.

When a pharmaceutical multinational launched a new product internationally, they thought they could avoid translation issues by using pictures to explain the benefit.

The picture on the left showed an ill patient, the middle picture showed the patient taking the medication, and the picture on the right showed him looking well again.

Among the markets for the launch was the United Arab Emirates.

Arabic speakers read from right to left.