Laughing and singing in Greece

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Lately Greek brands have been using catchy songs and humour to advertise their products and services. A good example is Cosmote, one of the biggest mobile providers in Greece: in its latest advert, it uses the memorable and humorous tune “Copacabana” which is being sung by the Greek military (and in a rather camp way at that!).

Although I’m sure many people could find it annoying, it certainly does the job in terms of making you remember the brand (I advise not to click on the link unless you don’t mind the song going round and round your head all day). It’s become a real hit in Greece!

Smaro from Athens, Greece

The Greek elections

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The Greek national elections took place on 4 October this year. In total, there were 28 parties to vote for, some of which had the most curious of names: KOTES, for example, literally means “chickens” in Greek, while the initials stand for “Smoking Groups for the Arts and Artistic Events”. Another party was called “Papadopoulos – where are you?”, which is a reference to the military leader Georgios Papadopoulos who ruled Greece from 1967 to 1974. “I give away land, I write off debts” was the bold claim belonging to another party. What’s more, all the avant-garde politicians created a Facebook page just for the election period! Could this be a sign of things to come?

Smaro from Athens, Greece