English Copywriting

We are known for the quality of our foreign copy adaptations. But did you know we can also write your English copy from brief?


Want to decouple your prepress production and local market versioning?

Voice Over

Choose from hundreds of voice-over professionals, covering all the world's major languages.

Website content

Full-flavoured content

Make use of our network of writers and researchers around the world. Drawing on our vast pool of talent from across the globe, we can create original, high-quality content, either in English or in any other language and to tight deadlines.

  • Articles on all kinds of subjects – fashion, gaming, online, trends
  • Reviews: books, music, film and television
  • Coverage of sporting and music events the world over
  • From all perspectives – youth, scientific, media, niche
  • Sector rankings – for example, what are the current Top 20 computer games in Egypt
  • In English and/or in any foreign language
  • Ability to work directly into CMS
  • We already work for many of the top digital agencies

    Click here to view a pdf case history of a project where we produced original client-commissioned content.