Check creative concepts for foreign market suitability. We can even check against specific target groups.

English Copywriting

We are known for the quality of our foreign copy adaptations. But did you know we can also write your English copy from brief?

Voice Over

Choose from hundreds of voice-over professionals, covering all the world's major languages.

Professional insight from around the world.

Get in-market research from the Mother Tongue Insight Lab

In-market insight
Check consumer attitudes to new products, services and ideas in foreign markets against specific target groups. A fast and pragmatic approach, delivering highly flexible, local market intelligence

Concept research
Check creative concepts for foreign market suitability. Checks include style, language, design, cultural relevance, local sensitivities and type style. A quick, easy and cost-effective way to determine if your concept or route is going to work in other countries. We can even check against specific target groups.

Brand name research
Test your brand name suggestions in local markets against a check list to make sure the names are not being used already, convey the right meaning, and will not offend anyone or have negative connotations. We also have considerable experience with international brand name creation.

Mother Tongue has published a couple of useful insight guides to youth culture around the world

Little Book of Cool, published in 2002. Download a pdf here.

Little Book of Cool 2, published in 2004. Download a pdf here. Or we have a printed version – send us your address and we'll post one to you.

See what the press said about our Little Books of Cool: