Foreign Adaptation

We have market-based copywriters with experience in the adaptation and transcreation of foreign copy.

English Copywriting

We are known for the quality of our foreign copy adaptations. But did you know we can also write your English copy from brief?


To complement our copywriting services we offer a complete pre-press production typesetting and DTP service.

Foreign language versioning

Press, TV and Digital

To complement our copywriting service and add an international dimension to your artwork studio, we offer a complete pre-press, TV and digital versioning service.

From a single ad to a global multi-media campaign we can deliver a UK-based centralized resource while making the most of software automation, time zone efficiencies and/or lower cost suppliers around the world, notably in East Europe, Far East and South America. With major successful projects under our belt, we have demonstrated time and again that the solutions we offer are effective and deliver all the cost efficiencies you would expect.

As well as all Western languages, we also have a high degree of typesetting expertise in the more challenging and unusual languages, such as Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Korean, Thai, Hebrew, Greek, Russian, Polish and other Eastern European, Urdu, Hindi, Bengali and Gujarati.

Our sister production company, MotherHub works hand-in hand with Mothertongue to ensure seamless and efficient delivery of foreign language assets such as adapts, flash files, TV commercial versions etc..

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