Born and raised in the small town of Whitley Bay on the North East coast of England, Catherine grew up wishing she had the Geordie accent that her parents’ southern roots had deprived her of. During her teenage years she realised that more exciting linguistic challenges waited when she started to learn French and German at school and she has since learned to cherish her generic accent which has allowed her to be easily understood in corners of the world as far-flung as Madagascar.

Catherine’s passion for languages led to her studying French and German at the University of Bristol including a year abroad which saw her fall in love with French cheese and German beer. After completing her first degree, Catherine realised how much she was interested in specialising in translation and to this end embarked on a Master’s in Professional Translating for European languages at Newcastle University.

Not content to use her new-found translation knowledge within the UK, Catherine then moved to Austria to complete a six-month internship with a translation company based in the beautiful city of Graz. This then turned into two and a half years and one of the steepest learning curves of her life. The girl who emerged was very different from the one who landed in Austria with just one suitcase, clutching her trusty Collins dictionary – for a start, the dictionary was gone and the suitcase had grown into several crates!

Although Austria has a special place in her heart, Catherine is delighted to have found Mother Tongue and feels she is finally on the path towards the career she always dreamed of. She is also delighted that she is once again in a country where you can buy PG tips at the local supermarket and the seaside is just a train ride away. Still a little dazzled by the bright lights of London, she is occasionally seen to stop and turn around in the middle of the street when she realises she is going the wrong way, but that’s all part of the adventure!

Likes: the sound of the sea, hugs from family and friends, the wonders of modern technology for keeping in touch with people you might otherwise never have seen again, a good cup of tea.

Dislikes: the Tube on hot days, getting up on cold days, chipped nail varnish

Mother tongue: English

Other languages: German and French