Anna grew up in the horse-eating land of Kazakhstan, in the former capital of Almaty. Right after the break-up of the Soviet Union, her father sent her to a high school in the U.S. to hone her English skills. She was quite excited to see the “bright lights, big city”, only to find herself in the town of Midland, Texas – birthplace of the Bush family, longhorns and oil wells. The great part of spending a year in a tiny Texan town was that in the space of a few months, she became renowned in the local community as “the Russian”. It was her only moment of fame and she enjoyed it immensely!

When she was a child, Anna dreamt of working as an interpreter for the UN. Although the UN is still waiting, she did work as a freelance translator and ran her own small localization firm before joining Mother Tongue Writers. Throughout the years, Anna has enjoyed living in the U.S. (Texas and California), Kazakhstan, Russia, Mexico and Spain, but considers Los Angeles her basecamp.

Likes: travelling, eating, red wine, hedonism in general

Dislikes: people who are late

Mother tongue: Russian

Other languages: English and some Spanish