Born in Germany to a Spanish father and an English mother, Ana developed a strong passion for languages and cultures from an early age.

She grew up bilingually (German and English) in Germany’s cider region (Hessen) near the financial capital (Frankfurt). Her childhood dream was to become an archaeologist and her favourite subject at school was Latin.

In search of her English heritage, she moved to the United Queendom in 2004 to study languages at Exeter University. In 2006, she swapped rain for sun, and lived and worked in her fatherland for a year (in Toledo and Madrid), where she even took part in a ‘capea’ (amateur bullfight).

After working in a Chamber of Commerce and a trade union in Spain, she longed for the haven of academia once more, and naturally all roads led her to … the Roman baths, so she completed an MA in Interpreting and Translation at Bath University.

After graduating and a short period of freelance translation, she started working in a small translation and transcription company in London. Initially, she wasn’t particularly keen on moving to the Big Smoke, but got sucked in (like so many do).

It only took a few weeks for her to turn into a proper Londoner, shaking her head in despair when people barged into the tube without letting other passengers alight. In fact, she thinks it would be a good idea to introduce a system of lanes, separating pedestrians depending on their walking pace.

Now she feels right at home and thoroughly enjoys living in London and being part of the Mother Tongue team.

Likes: making up words/phrases, the outdoors, cider, reading, art, Pilates, live music, architecture, Disney films, the little quirks of languages, sunbathing, cocktails, messing around, children’s songs

Dislikes: butter, rain, people who walk slowly, having to spell/explain her name

Mother tongue: German

Other languages: English, Spanish, 5 years of Latin at school, bit of Dutch, beginners’ British Sign Language, just started Mandarin