Elliot was born into a family of orthodox religious Jews in North West London, and the second of five children.

He was brought up bilingual, having attended Jewish schools where Hebrew was taught alongside English from a young age. His love of languages really began when he found himself surrounded by French students for long periods on end as a result of his mother working for a French student exchange company. Being forced to try to understand them all and communicate with them was certainly the best linguistic education – far more effective than the atrocious efforts of language teachers at school.

By the time Elliot went to University, he spoke three languages, and decided to add to this by doing a French and Italian degree and studying in Florence for a year. Ah, Florence, that magical city steeped in renaissance art, culture and raging mosquitos in the summer. If it wasn’t for those damn mozzies, Elliot may well have decided to stay on there, but instead he returned home to complete his degree and begin his working life.

After several years in the financial, not-for-profit and creative media industries, Elliot finally found Mother Tongue, a place where he could truly put his language skills to good use and extol the virtues of quality adaptation to potential clients. Wondering if his Hebrew would ever come in useful, Elliot was surprised but happy to be given a handful of Hebrew jobs to check within his first 3 months. What more could anyone ask?

Likes: the sun, the gym and his beautiful partner and dog Salade!

Dislikes: heavy metal music, grey skies, people who play with their food rather than just eating it

Mother tongue: English and Hebrew

Other languages: French, Italian, Spanish