Lise was born in Lyon, a sunny city in east-central France. Throughout her childhood, she spent the holidays travelling across Europe with her family. A talkative child, she found it upsetting when she couldn’t chat about the weather with strangers because of the language barrier, and so she took it upon herself to learn English, a goal she stubbornly pursued at school. She experimented with other languages along the way, and also started learning Italian and Japanese.

Years later, in 2010, she left Lyon to start a four-year translation and communications course at a university in Paris. During this time, she took part in the Erasmus program by studying in Trieste, Italy, for a semester, and also completed internships in Paris and Lyon during the summers. Following this, she completed a Master’s degree in Brussels and Bologna, as part of a double diploma in specialized translation and communication. After graduating, she moved to London and joined Mother Tongue as a Junior Account Manager in July 2015.

Likes: books (especially fantasy and history books), tea, maps, puns, museums

Dislikes: cycling, cars, wet socks

Mother tongue: French

Other languages: English and Italian, plus very basic Japanese