Evija grew up in a Latvian city known as “the city where the wind is born” – a place that’s characterised by its constant sea breeze. This refreshing breeze, along with the beautiful white sandy beach, is one of the things she misses most about her homeland: the long, cold winters not so much!

As a child, Evija loved books: she learnt to read at a very young age and was instantly fascinated by the exciting and magical world of stories and novels. Looking back, it was probably then when she started to appreciate the beauty of language and developed a keen interest in how grammar, syntax and punctuation reveal so much about a language.

Language wasn’t Evija’s only interest so instead she chose to study Business and Economics at university, specialising in Marketing and Advertising. A few years later, after graduating and doing a couple of short-term jobs, she rediscovered her passion for languages and became a freelance Latvian translator. She was happy with this career choice for many years, until one day she started to feel an urge to make some drastic changes in her life. So, after a short stint travelling, where she developed a love for discovering new cultures, she took the plunge and decided to move to London. After almost a year and a half immersing herself into life in the capital while still freelancing, Evija eventually joined the Mother Tongue team and is now enjoying seeing things from the agency side.

Likes: travelling, reading, swimming, strong black coffee, Salvador Dali’s art

Dislikes: flying by airplane, ketchup, rain, snow

Mother tongue: Latvian

Other languages: English, Russian and a very basic understanding of German