Dani was born in Brazil to a Portuguese family. And while her hometown was a modern capital city, her summer holidays were spent on the exotic northeast coast. During her childhood, Portuguese and Brazilian spices both played a part in developing her taste for exploring new cultures.

At school, she looked forward to English classes, and started dreaming about studying abroad and living in London one day. During her translation studies course at the University of Brasília, she took part in an exchange programme in Canada, intrigued by the fact that it was a bilingual country and that translation was an essential part of daily life, both in government and in the local community. While there, she had the chance to observe this closely while studying at an English-speaking university located in a French-speaking province.

Shortly after returning from her Canadian adventure, Dani worked as both an in-house and a freelance translator in Brazil – a valuable experience for her current role in translation project management. But her curiosity and admiration for the UK arose once again when she was offered the chance to take part in an internship program at the British Embassy in Brasilia. Following this experience, she was keen to continue her education abroad, and enrolled to do a Master’s degree in Audiovisual Translation at Leeds University.

Suddenly, London was closer than ever! And in July 2015, her dreams came true when she moved down to the capital to join the Mother Tongue team.

Likes: dancing, hiking, cinema, seafood and beer

Dislikes: sweet popcorn, bubble tea

Mother tongue: Brazilian Portuguese

Other languages: English, rusty French, beginners’ Brazilian Sign Language and Portunhol