Jenny was born in London and moved to Surrey aged three (the decision was out of her hands).

With regular family trips to the French Alps, it could have been the making of her ski-racing career…if only her competitive instinct had been stronger than her fashion instinct in ski school. Thanks to a penchant for the colour pink, Jenny was nicknamed The Pink Lady, which is ironic since in reality, she’s more of a Braeburn girl. And doesn’t really like pink anymore! Anyway, she emerged from this sporting education an avid skier, and a few French words the wiser.

At school, she belonged to a small minority who enjoyed studying Latin. Realising that languages were her forte, she moved to Scotland to study French and Spanish at the University of Edinburgh, followed by an MSc in Translation Studies. During this fifth and final year, she also gained a degree (loosely speaking) in Mixology, combining academic studies with cocktail waitressing to round out her personal profile.

Having sampled the delights of European living along the way, with stints in France, Spain and Switzerland, she returned to her London roots to join the tech start-up scene. Although her language skills were redundant here, she acquired invaluable marketing and communications experience and a newfound respect for developers and entrepreneurs. Freelance translation work kept her languages ticking over, but her love of London public transport and the daily commute spurred on her search for another in-house position.

On the verge of moving back to the Swiss mountains, she made a timely entrance into the world of transcreation and Mother Tongue in July 2014.

Likes: outdoor activities, house plants, Grand Designs

Dislikes: unripe bananas, leaving voicemails, dentists

Mother tongue: English

Other languages: French and Spanish, attempting to learn Mandarin