Louise hails from a remote town on the edge of the North York Moors, where buses run once every two hours and it’s an hour’s drive to the nearest cinema. After 18 years of idyllic rural life, she was raring to see what urban life had to offer, and so headed to the bright lights of Birmingham to study translation with French and German at Aston University. Following graduation, she continued her quest down the country and moved to London, where she started working in language and financial recruitment.

After 18 months spent dealing with bankers on a daily basis, she realised that corporate city life was most definitely not for her, and decided to look for a role where she could put her love of languages and translation to good use. Mother Tongue seemed like the ideal place, and so she happily joined the team in late 2006.

Likes: long weekends, Sunday night ITV dramas, celebrity gossip, netball, red wine, being organised

Dislikes: Thameslink trains, negativity, cold weather

Mother tongue: English

Other languages: German and French