We can produce broadcast quality subtitles in both digital and analogue formats, using Poliscript software.


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To complement our copywriting services we offer a complete pre-press production typesetting and DTP service.

The Team


Amy Somers

A Yorkshire lass born and bred, Amy spent her childhood in a leafy suburb of Leeds. After graduating from Durham University in French, German and Business, she upped sticks and moved to Germany to work for a translation and copywriting company. With two years of beer and pretzels under her belt, the lure of London was too great to ignore, and she flew back to good ol’ England. She proudly joined the Mother Tongue team in 2007.

Interests: I love to read anything I can get my hands on (from Jane Austen novels to Vogue to the back of the cereal packet in the morning); I’m learning to play the acoustic guitar (very very slowly but surely); and I’m a bit of a diva at table football (if I do say so myself).

Foods I like: Curry, chocolate hobnobs, curry, Angel Delight…did I mention curry?

Foods I dislike: mmm, that’s too tough to answer.

Favourite Yorkshire-isms: “reet grand”, “that’s champion” and “snicket”

Mother tongue: English.

Other languages: French and German, plus I can still decline a surprising amount of Latin verbs.