Judith Handeler

Judith fell in love with the English language at the age of 3, when she first set foot on English soil. Numerous visits to the family friends in South Tyneside later, she decided to do an English degree at university. When a careers officer told her that if she wanted to read and understand Shakespeare she should take English studies, but that if she wanted to have a decent conversation with the locals at an English pub she should take translation studies instead, she knew immediately what she would do (although she admits there is nothing wrong with Shakespeare). At university, everybody who did translation studies seemed to do English and French, so Judith – despite having a good knowledge of French by then – did English and Mandarin Chinese instead. As well as economics and creative writing.

While at uni, Judith spent two semesters in Tennessee, but soon decided that the USA wasn’t her kind of place. Instead, after finishing her degree, she packed up her bags and moved to London to join Mother Tongue, where people spoke proper English (unlike those cowboys in the States).

After six years at Mother Tongue and countless decent conversations with the locals down the pub, however, her cravings for real beer, real bread and real sausages became too strong.

Back in Germany, she worked as a Senior Project Manager for a creative agency for three years before re-uniting with Mother Tongue as Account Director Germany.

Likes: crime fiction, independent films, alternative rock, cooking and baking, writing stories, painting pictures and travelling the world

Dislikes: ignorant and/or intolerant people, cheesy love stories, fast food, coconuts and coriander

Mother tongue: German

Other languages: English, French, basic Mandarin, some Dutch and rusty Latin