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The Team



Born in Rio, Bruna was raised in Ilha do Governador – an island in the suburbs of the town. During her childhood, she loved reading and writing and used to say that she wanted to become a writer – but due to lack of imagination or perhaps just because is a stubborn Taurus, she decided to go into journalism instead.

After working as a journalist for six years in TV production, web and press, she moved to Lisbon to do an MA and get more familiar with the country of her relatives and, of course, the “Old World”.

She then decided she was ready for a change and came to London. After getting a grant from the Portuguese Minister of Culture to work in the city, Bruna joined the V&A museum, which she loved – although she was not very good at trying to re-enact the museum’s famous The Dreamers scene.

After a year working for another translation agency, Bruna happily joined Mother Tongue as a Portuguese account manager and checker. In her spare time, she writes for an online magazine about Latin American culture, writing reviews about plays, concerts, exhibitions and films taking place in London.

Interests: cinema, the arts, travelling, languages, writing, astrology and new media.

Loves: chocolate, black beans, Portuguese codfish, samba and a strong espresso.

Hates: olives and seafood – often using the fake excuse of being “allergic to seafood” so as not to disappoint people when offered them at a dinner party.

Weakness: doesn’t know how to cycle.

Interesting fact: she prefers her first surname – Gala – because it’s the same name as Dalí’s wife and muse.

Mother tongue: Brazilian Portuguese

Other languages: English, Portuguese, “Portunhol” (fluent) and Spanish (intermediate).